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A great companion

I love receiving my Keep Going Journal in the mail! It's like Christmas morning. I keep it with my morning devotional materials and enjoy grabbing bits and pieces of wisdom and inspiration from it as the months pass. And did I mention, it's beautiful?

Such a wonderful resource

This is such a rich resource for daily prayer, journaling, worship and Bible study. I love the focused questions that allow me time to sit and reflect on areas that I may not otherwise. I have also really enjoyed the suggested playlist at the back which introduced me to new music that I had not yet discovered. I wish the articles were a bit longer/a little deeper or expounded but besides that I’ve really enjoyed it. It reads more like a Bible study to me but I love the variety of topics covered throughout.

The only magazine I need.

This being delivered to my doorstep is not only a treat but a much needed reminder of how God has made me to keep going. Every article hits home. The images throughout are perfectly picked and thoughtfully chosen. Nika’s explanation of stories in the Bible reveals truth in a simple way that is easy to understand. I find myself saying, “Now I get it”! Not having a lot of time to journal, I appreciate that the Bible study only requires us to be still and listen to the Holy Spirit. There is so much beauty and truth in this journal, I can’t devour it fast enough.


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I’m so grateful for the Keep Going Journal

The Keep Going Journal is Holy Spirit inspired and beautifully made. I wanted to take it all in at once because each page is so rich in color and message. A little over two months in and it hasn’t lost it’s shine! I have found that with many magazines and journals, there is one element or section that draws me in and the rest is just ok. That’s not the case with this journal. I feel like it was made just for me - cover to cover.

While I have savored every page in the journal over the last two months, my favorite part is the Bible study!! For the first time ever, I’m reading my Bible in a way that makes sense to me. Nika’s bible study method has been so helpful and truly life changing, as I have found for the first time that I am actually excited about reading my Bible and I am understanding what I am reading! I’m glad the review doesn’t ask your age because I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t really known how to read my Bible up to this point in my life. I have picked out verses or passages, but without the right context or consistency, it has just never really clicked. I’m thrilled to know I will have read straight through 3 books of the Bible by the end of this month!! Three books of the Bible that God knew I was going to need during a difficult time these last few months. Three books that may now forever be my favorites because their my firsts - the firsts books of the Bible that have come alive for me as I read them in a way that allows God to speak straight to my heart. I will forever be grateful for this journal that came into my life at just the right time and helped me hear God in a way that has changed everything❤️

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Keep Going Journal is a quarterly publication that focuses on hope and endurance, motivating Christians in the areas of home, health, finance, relationship, and skill. In other words, our Kingdom work is encouraging you to do yours.

Each issue includes:

  • resources to uplift you as you cultivate a healthy spiritual life
  • articles written by committed Christians 
  • colorful images with a vintage feel
  • three Bible studies, one for each month of the quarter
  • a seasonal prayer guide
  • a recommended worship playlist
  • journaling prompts and space for creative lists